Kosters Trädgårdar


We are happy to accept applications at Kosters Trädgårdar.

The team is complete for 2023, but look through our job descriptions and send us an emal if you're interested in working with us.

Kosters Trädgårdars Kooperativ runs a restaurant and bakery with a focus on crafts, good raw materials, sustainability and providing inspiration for change. We do this in the middle of Kosters Trädgårdar's lush orchards on the island of Sydkoster outside Strömstad.

During the summer months we have our most intense period. The restaurant is open and we have many employees on site. The restaurant mainly serves lunch, with a few dishes based on seasonal ingredients, as much as possible from our garden.

On weekend evenings, we serve appreciated sourdough pizzas and natural wine. We vary the menus every week depending on what ingredients are available. The rest of the year is calmer and there is more room for cultural events and parties. In addition to this, we also often cook food for participants in the garden's courses.

We are the obvious meeting place and partner for those who want to be involved, experience and create a sustainable and inspiring food culture. We make conscious choices and cherish the food craft. We understand the value of raw materials and with our knowledge we can serve food that makes the earth richer and more alive than how we found it.

Feel free to read through job advertisements for Baker, Chef and Serving staff and do not hesitate to send your application! 

Send your application to jobb@kosterstradgardar.se


You are often the first person to meet the guests and a warm welcome is a big part of their experience. You are at the kassa and should be able to take care of the espresso machine, you recommend drinks, take orders, serve cakes and buns, take care of table service, dishes, prepare sandwiches, write signs, put products at the checkout system and keep everything clean and tidy.

It is especially important that you have a passion for sustainability, interest in gardening and food and want to develop in the profession. We are looking for you who have previous experience of having worked with food or can show previous suitable experience in service with drinks, food and baking.



As a craft baker with us, you are responsible for the production of sourdough bread, sweet bread and cakes for the restaurant and the gardenshop. The bakery also delivers sourdough bread to a grocery store on the island. You work independently and are prepared to take your own initiatives. We welcome new ideas. The work involves early mornings.

It is especially important that you have a passion for sustainability, interest in gardening and food and want to develop in the profession. You have education or previous experience of working at an artisan bakery or a great interest and knowledge in baking, both sourdough bread and sweet cakes. You can work carefully at a high pace, and value our fine organic ingredients. You are flexible and outgoing as a person and can meet customers at the kassa when extra help is needed. You take responsibility, follow daily routines, can work independently and prevent stressful situations.


You will work in a kitchen in close relationship with the chef in charge of the kitchen and the gardeners who deliver crops during the season. Your task is to highlight and refine what the garden has grown. You are stress-resistant and place great emphasis on the quality and appearance of the food that goes out to the guest. You think it's fun to be creative and take care of the raw materials we get from the garden. You are flexible and helpful and do not hesitate to jump in where needed and can see what needs to be done. You are responsible for ensuring that your workstation is clean and you are familiar with the rules regarding hygiene and health.

The food we serve needs to be simple but at the same time colorfully beautiful and tasty. During lunch you are responsible for serving, planning and preparing cold cuts for sandwiches, preparing "after beach food", maintaining cleaning routines etc. There may also be evening working hours during weekends as well as with special bookings, where you have an assisting role. On evenings we make sourdough pizza in our stone oven, it can sometimes be you who prepares tasty toppings and then throws the dough in the air to serve Koster's best pizza!


- Internship, apprentice or wwoof


Internships are at least 4 weeks. Read more and contact Helena on:

helena@kosterstradgardar.se or

070-256 34 01


Kosters Trädgårdar can happily offer a education in permaculture by apprentice during 3 months.


Apply through the Swedish WWOOF site.