Kosters Trädgårdar


At Kosters Trädgårdar Restaurant and Café we have a menu based on what is ready to harvest in the garden. We use as much from the garden as we can. As this is not always enough, we buy vegetables and ingredients from local traders and organic producers.

Coffee & Fika

At our bar we serve a delicious buffet with buns and cakes baked in our own artisan bakery. Of course made with well-chosen organic ingredients. To accompany this, you can try our carefully selected coffee from Gringo Nordic Coffee Roasters.


Our lunch menu changes regularly but consists a soup, a warm and a cold dish. In addition to this, we serve dips and bread from our artisan bakery.

Evening service

On Fridays (and Thursdays in July and August), we heat up our stone oven to the max and serve our fantastic sourdough pizza topped with the garden's delicacies. There is always an appetizer and some sweet and good dessert on the menu as well. 

During the high season we also have evening service on Saturdays. The chefs can be very creative when they serve you Garden Tapas. Various nice little dishes are served with a Kosters Trädgårdar twist.


At Kosters Trädgårdar Artisan bakery we bake with flours, which are grown organically by Wästgötarna on the Västgötland plain. We experience that this flour is full of power and make the sourdoughs bubble with joy. We bake our sourdough bread with Öland's country wheat, spelt and rye. Our bakers shape each bread by hand, the flavors in the flour develop and deepen during long fermentation times in the fridge. After that the bread is baked in our stone oven. The bread is sold in our Gardenshop, the restaurant and the ICA supermarket on Syd-Koster.