Kosters Trädgårdar


Permaculture basic course, PDC

With Jona Elfdahl and Helena von Bothmer

The course gives you a thorough understanding of:
• The basics of permaculture such as principles, design methods and processes
• System understanding - ecological, regenerative and human systems
• Cycle
• Design ability and experience of having implemented your own design

Helena has worked with Permaculture for 20 years from the construction of Koster's gardens. She is one of the most active teachers in permaculture today and has had a long professional experience both as a teacher, permaculture designer and gardener.
Jona is a gardener and artist and runs the cultural platform Gylleboverket. On the farm "Lilla Skärddaröd" he has established one of Sweden's first beef farms with 3 hectares of Almond, Walnut and Real chestnut. Jona grows seeds for Runåbers Frö.

25 april  - 1 may 2022; Kosters Trädgårdar, Sydkoster

Midsummer wreath binding

with Mathilda Danielsson and Helena von Bothmer

Welcome to Koster's gardens at the midsummer wreath workshop on 23 June!

We tie wreaths together with wild and cultivated flowers. Mathilda and Helena share different techniques for how to tie a midsummer wreath. One tied to a frame using steel wire. But also a wreath without any aids at all, a wreath completely tied by flowers themselves. After the demonstration, the participants themselves can choose what kind of wreath they want to form. After completing the course, all participants are allowed to take their wreaths home. Ready for the next day's midsummer celebration!

Location: Kosters Trädgårdar

Price: 500sek including Coffee and Fika

Time: June 23 at 11-13


With Starhawk and Alfred Decker

Permaculture Design Course: Kosters Trädgårdar

We are so proud to announce that this extremely important course will be held on Kosters Trädgårdar. We will examine the underlying assumptions of the current culture of consumerism and economic globalization, and encourage exploration of ways to contribute to the emergence of a culture of sustainability, compassion and equity.

Plats: Kosters Trädgårdar

Tid: 14-28 August