Kosters Trädgårdar


Kosters Trädgårdar lends itself perfectly as a venue for good live music. Here you will find the concert schedule for 2022.

16 April - Påskafton

Kl. 18 - Divans Orkester

Are you interested in performing at Kosters Trädgårdar?

Contact us on bokabord@kosterstradgardar.se 

TMC 21 May at 1 PM

We welcome a mix of young aspiring musicians studying music together at The Music College.

They will play a mix of self-written music and famous covers, with a wide variety of genres such as, pop, country, ballads and some world music.

ATMA 23 July at 6 PM

Atma is a folk music trio that performs self-written and newly interpreted music. Voice singing is mixed with instrumental elements where the music has been written with inspiration from nature, the forest and 

the sea.

Music fee: 100kr

Pizza och Plattor ft DJ Calle 1 juli at 6PM until late

Dj Calle visits Kosters Trädgårdar on Friday's Pizza Night!

His bags are packed with vinyl records! Soul, funk and reggae will be offered in a nice mix! It may be that he also throws other kinds of music into the mix! Be prepared for an evening where it will be difficult to sit still!

Music fee: 50kr

Pizza och plattor ft DJ Blackbird July 14 at 6pm until late

Now it's DJ Blackbird's turn to be in charge of the music during Thursday's pizza night. Because what’s better than eating good food and dancing together?

It will be a synthetic evening. Synthpop, futurepop and electro. Swedish and foreign, new and 80s, well known and less known. Gradually, the evening's soundscape becomes more and more danceable.

Music fee: 50kr