Kosters Trädgårdar


Kosters Trädgårdar lends itself perfectly as a venue for good live music. Here you will find the concert schedule for 2022.

Are you interested in performing at Kosters Trädgårdar?

Contact us on bokabord@kosterstradgardar.se 

Tunn is 27 August at 8 PM

Tunn is is a newly formed folk music trio that met at the Musik högskolan Ingesund. The program consists of Scandinavian folk music, self-written and trad, and is performed on violin, viola and harpsichord in various constellations. The joy of playing is in focus when swinging pole shoes and fine-tuned arrangements are performed by Julia Bengtson, Evelina Eriksson and Solveig Bömer-Schulte.

Tunn performs at the popular Tapas night on Saturday. If you want dinner before the concert then we recommend booking a table at www.kosterträdgårdar.se from kl. 18.00 or after the concert from 21.00

Music fee at the entrance to the greenhouse 100 SEK

Jansson & EK 24 september 18.00

The duo Ek-Janson, who each come from completely different music areas, show how new energy can be born from contrasting expressions. Helena with her absolutely clear voice has an expression that makes the most difficult-to-sing phrases seem totally problem-free. Peter Janson's bass playing contrasted with the song with surprising, breathtaking and virtuoso improvisations. You feel uplifted by this polished duo. Ek-Janson is current with the album "Grilled fish", musical interpretations by poets such as Kristina Lugn, Lina Ekdahl and others.


Helena Ek - Song

Peter Janson - Double Bass

Music fee 175 SEK

Thillini & Erik 15 october 18.00

Thilini & Erik are the duo who with their folk / blues-scented works move in their very own acoustic world lined with electronic elements. With Swedish lyrics that often touch on the big questions in life and the connection to nature, Thilini's nuanced voice mixes concise and touching emotions to Erik's playful guitar playing. A concert with Thilini & Erik is an emotional and colorful journey that includes both forest melancholy and sun-scented summer meadows.


Erik Björksten - Guitar

Thilini Guldbrand - Song

Music fee 175 SEK

Morango 12 november 18.00

Morango plays Brazilian music and his own compositions inspired by Brazilian rhythms and harmonies. Music by composers such as Jobim and Edu Lobo. Do not miss this group if you love bossa nova! Finn Björnulfson is known from Håkan Hellström's band and Karolina Vucidolac has toured in Sweden and Brazil with top Brazilian musicians since the 90s. Tobias is the group's guitarist with a deep love for Brazilian music and its beautiful guitar playing.


Tobias Grim - Guitar

Finn Björnulfson - Percussion

Karolina Vucidolac - Song

Music fee 175 SEK